Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time Machine Example Implementation

A little while ago I wrote about a time machine for your application. This based on Greg Young's infamous Event Sourcing strategy. It's time to get a sample application going with this approach. I'll also take it one step further and apply the same strategy to the reporting side of the application. A lot of this hinges on the Open Closed Principle (OCP) so I'll try and enforce that through GIT hooks.

Here is a recap of the steps I'll be taking:

1. Event Sourcing and CQS to the extreme as prescribed by Greg.
2. Event Sourcing for reporting schema changes.
3. OCP application to the versioning of the dB instead of version scripts.
4. Enforcement of the OCP to the pub/sub of the reporting dB.
5. OCP application to the reporting services side through GIT hooks.

This will be hyperlinked as I complete the blog posts.

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