Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GIT for fun and profit presentation application

Tired of unreliable source code management? Do you save your source code in 6 different places and put a hard copy of the work you did today under your mattress when you get home? ... then you need to see how GIT's design will allow you to throw off those shackles and become a free person again!

... but wait..

Are you scared of switching to a different source code management tool because the last time it took 3 developers, 2 project managers and all of Accenture's employees in western Canada to deploy your barely functional current one? Well not this time! If you are better at copying a file than your technically challenged mother, you can deploy a git repository! You will be shown how.

and then...

Did you avoid work today because you feared missing your lunch hour break? Because getting the latest version of your solution would take so much time over your 14.4 kB modem? Thinking of switching to AOL? GIT will compress and send only the changes that you need. Take a look at why even on your beautiful dial-up connection, GIT will enable you to contribute to that open source z-modem implementation you're working on.

.. but what about this:

Constantly forgetting to check things in because you're preoccupied by those Britney Spears albums in your iPod? Did your last checkin encapsulate the project from beginning to end? Well wait! With GIT it's not too late to save yourself the horrible embarrassment of this gigantic checkin! Come discover how!

... if you're not convinced yet:

But my mom keeps tripping on and unplugging the interweb cord out of the wall when I'm working on my Dungeons and Dragons program - so I can't checkin my changes! ... And I need the new elf package to be implemented before my D&D Saturday night party! Well, don't fret my nerdy friend. GIT works without a connection too! Find out what else is possible!

.. I'll try to convince you with just one more..

The evil developer from across the office is committing changes to the files I'm working on! He types way faster than me because he uses a Dvorak keyboard and beats me in the check-in race! He gets work done and I spend my day resolving conflicts. GIT, can you help me here as well? Of course GIT can. With 9 different merging strategies to help you, your evil foe will quickly fall to the wayside and you can laugh at him when he's layed off.

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