Monday, February 9, 2009

New Developers Are Just Over-Confident Children

Having a little one to look after has shed some light into how we get the software in most shops today. This quote is quite good in how it relates to our educational systems:

"For the true significance of Disneyland is that it reflects our notions of children - what they are, what is good for them, and what will please them. Children are a special class of human beings which came into existence with the industrial revolution, at which time we began to invent a closed world for them, a nursery society, wherein their participation in adult life could be delayed increasingly - to keep them off the labor market. Children are, in fact, small adults who want to take part in the adult world as quickly as possible, and to learn by doing. But in the closed nursery society they are supposed to learn by pretending, for which insult to their feelings and intelligence they are propitiated with toys and hypnotized with baby talk. They are thus beguiled into the fantasy of that happy, carefree childhood with its long sunny days through which one may go on “playing” - in the peculiar sense of not working - for always and always." - Alan Watts

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