Friday, November 28, 2008

QCon's DDD Track Gets an Shot in the Arm

While I did not formally attend QCon, I was invited to a couple of presentations by Greg Young. I saw some familiar faces there like Martin Fowler, Matthew Podwysocki, Jeff Brown, Jeremy Miller, Rod Paddock and others.

Eric Evans was very happy to see the Domain Driven Design track get some scalability/performance issues addressed. Greg's (at first glance) militant emphasis on Command/Query separation gave a clear and simple answer to avoid scaling issues when concentrating on designing and refactoring to a strong core domain. One key point to take away was the fact that our applications usually have 10X more read operations than write. This distinction is usually haphazardly represented in most designs we see today - and why we have so much money to make helping organizations scale up.

The one point I got from Greg some time earlier this year was to look at the business that you are trying to automate with an IT-free mind. That is, how would this be done (or how was it done long ago) with no computers and, instead, paper, pencils and people? They key information that is gathered out of that is the SLAs. Does that sales report need to have up to the millisecond information?

Greg has a link on his blog to the same presentation. I feel this one was more polished and was made more pleasing to the eye by incorporating some of David Laribee's use of images in stead of words. I'm hoping that the videos to the presentations get published soon. InfoQ, from what I hear, likes to spread out the release of videos over time to keep the site flowing with new material on a consistent basis.

On Saturday, Eric was kind enough to meet up with a handful of us and talk about DDD and life in general. He also toured around with us for a little bit. We saw some great views of San Francisco and a bit of the ocean shore.

It was a San-Fran-tastic trip!

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