Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Messaging Update

Seems more multithreading was the culprit.

with on thread one:
lock (dictionary) { dictionary.Add("bum", "a homeless person");}

and seven seconds later on another thread:
lock (dictionary) { if (dictionary.Contains("bum")) C.Out("defined"); }

... Contains returned false!


... or was it IIS.

*** UPDATE Sept 16 ***

It was IIS. After adding tons of logging and tracking thread IDs, app domain IDs and process IDs, it was apparent that IIS would load up more than 1 either app domain or process for the app.

The long term solution was to house the app in a windows service that communicated over WCF. It was a quick refactor and opens the door for using WCF to push to clients. The new question is, does WCF hold threads? Or can you have 100,000 seldomly active clients for, say, a chat application?

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