Thursday, December 6, 2007

Active Record and Many to Many Update

Ok. I've cleaned it up now. In the continuing journey of learning Active Record and NHibernate, the static FindAll method can be overridden and the client code is as clean as you would expect it to be:

Distributor[] all = Distributor.FindAll();
foreach(Distributor distributor in all) {
foreach(DeliveryMethod deliveryMethod in distributor.DeliveryMethods)
Console.WriteLine("--" + deliveryMethod.Description);

Here is what was added to the Distributor class:

public new static Distributor[] FindAll() { return FindAll(DetachedCriteria.For(typeof(Distributor)).SetResultTransformer(CriteriaUtil.DistinctRootEntity).SetFetchMode("DeliveryMethods", FetchMode.Eager)); }

I'm sure there's a way to include the same attribute on the DeliveryMethod and still get the results you want - I just haven't learned enough of the API yet to know how to do that. Tips are welcome..

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